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Multi-function padded stand

Sale price$42.95

📱 Universal Compatibility

🛋️ Ultimate Comfort

🍿 Handy Snack Holder

🧸 Stylish and Soft Design

💧 Removable and Machine Washable

“This tablet stand is very cool and should work well for me at night. I like to read in bed and watch late night television on my tablet and this is a perfect device to help with that.”


Multi-function padded stand
Multi-function padded stand Sale price$42.95

Enjoy Every Use

This stand pillow is made with high-quality plush fabric offering a soft cloud-like comfort. Whether you're using it in bed, on the sofa or in the car it provides an ultimate comfort experience.

Find the Most Comfortable Angle

Equipped with a 360° rotating clip and 180° folding arm, you can freely adjust the angle to ensure the best viewing experience. Whether you’re lying down, sitting, or leaning, you can easily find the most comfortable position.

Versatile Use Scenarios

Not just a tablet stand, it also comes with a detachable bowl for snacks, remote controls, or power banks. Whether you’re reading, watching movies, or working, it caters to your diverse needs.

Suitable for Various Devices

Compatible with all 4.7-inch to 13-inch phones and tablets, it can securely hold iPhones, iPads, Samsungs, Kindles, and more. No matter what device you’re using, this stand provides perfect support.